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Document Management solutions that actually work.

Many organisations already have a Document Management System (DMS), however very few organisations achieve their intended goals or meet their legislated requirements without substantial up-front and ongoing effort.

Our approach to document management is different. We look at document management from the perspective of the entire organisation, and then break this down to explore it from the perspective of individual users.

This last step is crucial, and often missed in document management projects, resulting in users that avoid interacting with the established document management systems and processes, ultimately leading to a reduced level of compliance and standardisation within the organisation.

Our overall goal is to seamlessly integrate document management capabilities into relevant parts of our client's workflows so that users are able to perform their document management duties seamlessly and without additional effort.

We deliver both dedicated document management solutions as well as integrating existing DMS and EDRMS platforms into client systems we have developed, leading to significant improvements from both an individual user and an organisation wide perspective.