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A wide range of engaging and easy-to-follow training services.

We provide a full range of training services for our web solutions to make sure that our clients can take full ownership of their systems and enjoy the benefits of their investment.

Our training staff are available to organise and provide informative, fun and well structured training workshops and seminars anywhere around the country. We also pride ourselves on drafting excellent training and end-user documentation customised to our client's specific needs which is always clearly and consicely written in plain english and is above all, useful for their day to day running of their systems.

We specialise in scenario based training and have the capacity to deliver Plone CMS and related training to up to 50 attendees at a time either on-site at our clients locations or else at dedicated training facilities.

We offer a comprehensive range of Plone related training services that range from simple content management tasks right through to administration and development.